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Taiwan Night Market -

Taiwan Traditional Street  Food





現在臺灣夜市有名的小吃非常多,像是小籠包、傳統豆花、蛋餅、牛肉麵 、棺材板 、大腸麵線、及最有人氣的鹹酥雞,



Night Market Is One Of Custom In Taiwan 

The concept of a Taiwan Night Market has been for more than 100 years of history. It all evolves from the early days when the majority of working class were with lower income and less entertainment in an environment where temporary stalls were more than physical stores. Temporary stalls became night fairs or 'night markets' that provided delicious and affordable street food for people to either enjoyed them in seating by the street or to have them on the go.


With now more than 130 night markets across Taiwan night markets are not only a cultural necessity for Taiwanese people but also a touristic attraction that mesmerises hundreds of thousands of foreign visitors daily.


The most brilliant quality that shines from Taiwan Night Market is its diversity with originality. Some of the most popular Taiwanese snacks include pork xiao long bao, tofu pudding, Taiwanese omelette wrap, beef noodle soup, Taiwanese fried chicken, and bubble tea with pearls. Whilst the market food could go out of a list, the markets cater fashion and entertainment and reserve numerous traditional toys reflecting Taiwanese childhood including tuo luo, gyro-magnetic compass, turbinate, zhu qing ting or bamboo dragonfly, etc.


For many Taiwanese, the meaning of a 'Night Market' exceeds the scope of its incarnation. Night Market is like a nostalgia becoming a part of Taiwanese life indispensable. Night Market brings you that lively and crowded unique experience that is so inspiring and energetic. This experience is what gathers and unites people as a harmonised community.